Understanding Kingfisher


Kingfisher is Europe's largest home improvement retail group and the third largest in the world, with over 1,170 stores in eleven countries in Europe and Asia and sales of over £11 billion.


£11.1 billion
Sales in the year ended 1 February 2014

£744 million
Adjusted pre-tax profit

Our purpose

To make it easier for people to have better and more sustainable homes. This approach will unlock more customer demand and grow our business to the benefit of all our stakeholders, creating a more valuable business for our shareholders, a better partner for our suppliers, a more secure and brighter future for our colleagues and a more sustainable business for our local communities.

Our market

We currently operate in eleven countries, spanning over 500 million households. Our research shows that spending on home improvement is a key priority for householders, making this an attractive sector for retailers. It's also attractive to retailers because of the relatively small number of well-known manufacturer brands. This means a specialist home improvement retailer provides a vital role for the consumer by offering a wide product choice and expert advice. They can offer a high proportion of 'own brand' product, achieve economies of scale and have a more defensible position against online or generalist operators when compared with other retail segments.

Our strategy

Our unique contribution as a business to our customers is that we can harness our home improvement experience, our heritage as a leader in sustainability and our international scale and sourcing capability to bring new, more sustainable and more affordable products to market.

By also providing our customers with project advice and new shopping channels to complement our stores, we will make it easier for them to adapt their homes to their evolving needs. Our shorthand for describing this purpose is "Better Homes, Better Lives".

The current phase of our development towards this vision - Creating the Leader - builds on the success of ‘Delivering Value’, our previous four-year growth plan, which has repositioned Kingfisher as a stronger business in the attractive home improvement market.

Kingfisher Net Positive

In October 2012 we officially launched a new corporate responsibility plan called ‘Kingfisher Net Positive’. It commits us to a new challenge: to go beyond sustainability, to no longer strive for neutrality but to seek to make a positive contribution to the world's future. Our philosophy is that we should eventually be able to put more back than we take out - to be ‘net positive’.

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