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In this section you will find information about what’s new at Kingfisher - from new products and services available to our customers, to new stores launched in the 10 countries in which we operate.

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Introducing: the unique Magnusson hand tools range

As part of the ONE Kingfisher plan, we are unifying our offer, with the same products, available everywhere. Some of our unified ranges will be unique to Kingfisher and its businesses, not available elsewhere.

The design of all our unique product ranges is based on five key principles: function, form, sustainability, quality and low prices.

One of the most recent unique range launches is the Magnusson hand tools range. Magnusson was originally an own-brand range at our Brico Dépôt business in France. We spent time identifying what our customers look for in a hand tools range, and used that research to improve Magnusson, adding extra features that would make the range as attractive to the professional tradesperson as the home improver. This flagship new range is now being launched across the business, and will be available in all markets in 2018/19.

Tough, durable and reliable, the new range includes products with a host of new features, such as a tape measure with:

  • Auto-stop extension with long stand out for ease of use
  • 19mm wide double-sided measure
  • Durable nylon coating for longer life
  • Magnetic end for one handed measuring
  • Double button with smooth closing to avoid damage to hands and fingers
  • 5-year guarantee

The customer benefits of our unified and unique ranges are newer products, higher quality, better sustainability, lower prices and simpler ranges.

Shop the range at B&Q, Screwfix and Castorama France

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